The Value of Psycho-educational Evaluations/Assessments

Lauren SigelBy Lauren Sigal, MS, Learning Specialist

Having an up-to-date and comprehensive evaluation is essential in gaining a better understanding of your learning difficulties to identify strategies that will help you achieve success in education, career and life goals.

Assessments help you:

  • Gain an understanding of your learning style.
  • Identify your cognitive and academic strengths & weaknesses.
  • Suggest accommodations for school and work.
  • Suggest various intervention strategies to help with your weaknesses.
  • Help you make the best career choice.

There are various types of assessments offered that measure Learning Disabilities, therefore, it is important that you work with a qualified professional to make sure the appropriate assessment is conducted for your specific needs. Be sure to ask questions and be well informed before deciding on which professional is right for you. Once you have identified the best professional for you, be sure to bring with you in your initial appointment any previous teacher reports, report cards, evaluations, and/or Individualized Education Plans (IEP) that you might have. This will help the professional gain a better understanding of your history. You can expect the initial session to incorporate an informal interview to get a clear understanding of your background and history.

At Learning Disabilities Association of NYC (LDANYC), psycho-educational assessments are given over several sessions that can take approximately one month to complete. The results and report are usually available about a month after testing sessions are completed. If you are hoping to receive accommodations for a specific high-stakes exam, or if you hope to have accommodations for a specific semester for school, it is important to plan ahead! Let the assessment agency know about any deadlines you might have.

A variety of professionals are qualified to conduct evaluations, depending on their specialty. These professionals can include, but are not limited to a: clinical psychologist, school psychologist, neuropsychologist, school counselor, vocational counselor, psychiatrist, or physician. This link includes a detailed chart with specification of roles and licensure requirements of these professionals, and if they can diagnose Learning Disabilities and/or AD/HD.

LDANYC provides low-cost, onsite psycho-educational evaluations that are conducted by Masters-level school psychologists with NY State Certifications, and supervised and signed by licensed Doctoral-level clinical psychologists. If you are interested in having an assessment, or have any questions please feel free to contact us on our helpline: 212-645-6730 or by email at

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