Asthma Specialist Doctors To Choose From

asthma specialist

If you have asthma, it is necessary to choose an asthma specialist, a doctor who is knowledgeable of the various respiratory problems and the appropriate treatment methods available they also stated that breathing problems affect speech. There are various categories of asthma specialists who you need to consider when looking for one.

Allergist asthma specialist

An allergist is an internist or a pediatrician who have undergone extra training to qualify as an expert in immunology and allergy. An allergist mainly deals with asthma, allergies, and also allergic asthma. If experiencing some of the problems its essential to choose an allergist.


A pediatrician is a specialist who has received special training for a minimum of three years after the completion of medical school where he/she was tasked with the responsibility of taking care of children from birth within the college. A pediatrician is able to recognize and treating childhood asthma.


An internist is a specialist doctor who practices mainly in internal medicine which involves the study of diseases in adults, especially the ones linked to general medicine and internal organs. To qualify as an internist one must have completed three years of training immediately after medical school.


A pulmonologist is a specialist who has undergone further training between two to three years following his stay as an internist or pediatrician so as to qualify as a specialist in handling respiratory diseases. A small group of pulmonologists may obtain extra board certification from critical care medicine.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Therapist

Pulmonary rehabilitation therapist is never regarded as a physician. He/she is a respiratory therapist is well skilled in pulmonary rehabilitation strategies and can offer asthma support as well as detailed information on lung function, asthma, exercise and also stress. The pulmonary rehabilitation therapist is well informed and can educate you on the various techniques you can use to care and identify the symptoms of asthma.

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