Can we use Orthodontic Braces as Lisp Treatment?

lisp treatment

We all know that orthodontic procedures are good investments for our health and beauty. Functionally, our mouth is the gateway of our nutrition, so maintaining the health of our teeth makes it easier for us to consume nutrition-rich foods. While on the aesthetic side of things, having straight, white teeth can be so attractive compared to overcrowded and damaged ones. But can orthodontic braces be used for other things, like lisp treatment? You can click to read more about orthodontic braces.

What is lisping?

Lisp is a speech defect that mispronounces words with letters s or z. Instead of pronouncing these letters correctly, the sound that comes out sounds like ‘th’. For example, the word softly sounds like ‘thoftly’  and zebra sounds like ‘thebra’.

What causes lisping?

Many speech therapists note that lisp can be caused by incorrect placement of the tongue in the mouth when speaking. It can also be caused by problems with your front teeth, tongue-tie, or bite (overbite or underbite).

Effective lisp treatment

The treatment for lisping depends on what caused the speech impediment.

For tongue-tie, a surgery called frenectomy is performed where a specific fold of tissue under your tongue is incised to free up the tongue.

For incorrect placement of the tongue, speech therapists for kids require exercises that promote correct pronunciation and enunciation of words through practice.

lisp treatmentFor teeth alignment problems, especially gaps and bite problems, orthodontic braces may help in correcting lisp. Braces close the gaps in between teeth and correct a person’s overbite or underbite, making the patient’s way of speaking better as well.

Speech is not the only problem that orthodontic procedures can solve. Although braces are considered an effective lisp treatment, it also has many other benefits when it comes to proper nutrition, beauty, and confidence.

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