Fixing Overbite: Common Treatment Options Available For You

What are the treatment options for fixing overbite? Is it essential to correct an overbite? How much would it cost? These are only a few questions you would tend to ask in case that you have an overbite. If you want to treat your overbite with braces, you only have to make an appointment with your dental care provider.


What is an overbite?

An overbite is a condition wherein your upper front teeth go beyond your lower front teeth. If your upper front teeth did not meet the standard degree of overlap, an overbite could happen. An overbite has two main categories, which are the skeletal overbite or a dental overbite.

Skeletal overbite occurs when the lower jaw is a little smaller than the upper jaw. In effect, it pushes the upper row in a forwarding direction. Some patients with this type of overbite do not need to undergo surgery. The difference in jaw size can be manageable with non-surgical treatments.

On the other hand, dental overbite occurs out of poor teeth alignment. As a result, it pushes the lower jaw backward. A dental overbite can also be worked out without undergoing jaw surgery or braces, which can happen between one to three weeks.

There are numerous causes why an individual can have an overbite. You can see them below, but before that, you can try watching the video below first to know more information about an overbite.


Common causes of overbite

Several causes can lead you to have an overbite. Knowing about these causes can provide you the initiative to cure an overbite with your dentist’s help.

  1. Either a patient is having too much or little room in the jaw to accommodate teeth.
  2. For kids, habits like thumb-sucking, consistent pacifier use, and overuse of bottles. These habits make the tongue push against the back of the teeth. As a result, an overbite can occur.
  3. Chronic nail-biting and chewing hard objects are also causing an overbite.
  4. Experience loss of teeth without undergoing repair.
  5. Genetic conditions can also contribute to developing an overbite.
  6. Additionally, grinding teeth or clenching can also lead to an overbite.
  7. Moreover, if an individual has temporomandibular joint dysfunction, an overbite can also happen.

You have to address these causes to be able to correct your overbite. In case you did not do anything to fix them, an overbite can cause other complications.

Other overbite complications

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Consistent pain in your jaw
  3. Experience awful headaches
  4. Causes discomfort or pain while eating
  5. Problematic opening and closing of the mouth
  6. Sleep apnea
  7. Difficulty in speaking
  8. Gum recession can happen when the upper front teeth hit the gum line.

It would be best for you to find treatment options to fix your overbite this early rather than to experience several complications out of it.


Fixing overbite treatment options

In the advance and modern world of dentistry, fixing overbite is no longer a concern. Additionally, dentistry is now a well-developed medical field that is capable of addressing various oral health concerns.  In this case, let us find out how dental treatment procedures work in fixing an overbite.


Treatment for children and teens

  1. The dentist will make room for permanent teeth to grow in straight. Removal of the baby teeth is necessary for this.
  2. Usage of growth modification device that helps work out better positioning of the jaw.
  3. Correction using braces, observing the slow movement teeth to correct the overbite.
  4. After removal of braces, usage of retainers is necessary to keep the teeth in their places.


Treatment for adults

  1. Braces are also an option for the overbite of adults. It works the same as how the dentist does it for kids in correcting an overbite.
  2. The dentist can also choose Invisalign clear aligners that work similarly to braces. These aligners will also move the teeth to correct the overbite.
  3. There is also a possibility for teeth removal. This procedure can happen if the patient has a severe overbite condition. Through this procedure, the teeth will have more freedom to move.
  4. However, if the patient has a skeletal-type of overbite and experiences jaw problems, surgery is the only solution to correct it.

Choice of treatment procedures will depend on the diagnosis of your dentist for your overbite. It can be surgical or non-surgical treatment, depending on the overbite’s severity.


Fixing overbite: Affecting your overall health

As can be seen, fixing an overbite can only be a matter of enhancing appearance and smile. However, it is more than the enhancement. As already mentioned above, an overbite, when left untreated, can cause several complications. These complications can affect your overall health condition.

Bite adjustment provides significant improvements in the quality of life. It would be best to have your treatment at the earliest possible time. This way, you can minimize the severity of the overbite.

Aside from that, the current effects of an overbite you experience can progress into more severe dental and health problems. So, why wait for this progression to happen. Work on your overbite now before it is too late. Never overlook the problem of an overbite.


Fixing overbite treatment cost

The cost of fixing your overbite can vary. Cost variations happen based on the best treatment procedure you need, how long you will undergo this treatment, and the level of severity of your overbite.

usage of braces for fixing overbiteAs for braces, the estimated costing amount falls anywhere from $3000 to $8000. On the other hand, as for Invisalign treatment, it can cost between $3000 to #5000. These prices can even vary depending on other factors associated with your treatment.

On the positive side, dental insurance providers can cover most treatments to correct an overbite. So, you will have lesser worries when it comes to your dental expenses. You only have to directly coordinate with them to know the details and instructions related to this procedure.



You can still correct your overbite. Treatment procedures are available. The costing may vary, but at least you can use your dental insurance for overbite correction. Moreover, it is important to realize that fixing overbite is necessary. This is to avoid further complications in the long run.

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