Language Learning Disability

language learning disability

Dyslexia. You have heard the term. You may even have a basic definition of the word stored in your brain when you hear or read the word. If you are dyslexic, visit an expert who can help you overcome your struggles of having dyslexia. Having dyslexia may not be that easy to define. It is possibly the most well-known form of language learning disability or language-based learning disability, but it is only one type of specific disability.

Language-based learning disabilities (LBLD) are quite often a common cause of a child (or an adult’s) academic struggles. It is more than just how you read, or what letters you may get mixed up or turned around. It is about more than spelling or how you hear words.

Evaluations for LBLDs hit on many different areas of the brain and hearing. It is about how well you understand (comprehension) and use (spoken) and relay (write) language. Evaluations to determine LBLDs often are focused around:

*Phonology-the structure of the sounds

*Semantics-the meaning of the language

*Morphology– (in linguistics) the form of the words

*Orthography-the spelling system of language

language learning disabilityPersons with LBLDs will exhibit a slight difference in their brain structure and some cases of LBLDs have been found to be hereditary. (If the parent or relative has an LBLD, an evaluation may need to be processed before starting school in order to determine if early intervention services are needed for the child).

LBLDs may make learning more difficult for a child or an adult, but it by no means is a sign of an individual’s intelligence. Their brains are simply “wired differently” but are by no means wired wrong. It is true. You can’t outgrow it, but learning can be adapted to accommodate it. Many people with language-based disabilities live happy, productive, creative lives. Just a few names you may know-Jamie Oliver, Kiera Knightly, Tim Tebow, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Anderson Cooper, Keanu Reeves,…

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