Living with LD

learning disabilities

What are LD?

Learning Disabilities (LD) are also known as “hidden disabilities” because they are not apparent to others. Individuals with LD often have high intellect and their verbal skills far exceed their written skills, therefore LD often times go undetected.

These are real disorders – with impacts that are felt every day and in so many ways. Imagine how you would feel if every time you read something new you needed extra time to sound out each word, re-read each sentence more than once to retain its meaning, and struggle to remember details and take notes. Now imagine the stress of the school day, worrying about whether you will be called upon to read aloud or write on the board, in effect being asked to put your LD on display. And the same goes for the workplace.

It is important to utilize various sources such as teachers, parents background, student observation by teachers and parents as well as talking to the student themselves on what they are struggling with. The key is to help those with LD to circumvent the challenges of their learning disabilities by identifying their strengths and weaknesses so they can learn to build upon their strengths while learning ways to compensate for their weaknesses. The goal is to level the playing field so that their difficulties do not define who they are or limit them in what they can accomplish.