Medicare and dental implants: Can you get coverage?

medicare and dental implants

It is a known fact that cosmetic procedures are not usually covered by dental insurance. However, if the procedure is deemed medically necessary by the patient, there is a chance that insurance may cover it. This article will cover the topic of Medicare and dental implants. After reading the article, if you need dental implants, you can use this link to consult a specialist. You can also consult the dentists from Our Dental Care Drummoyne for more information.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is used to fill the gap caused by a missing tooth. The procedure that is used to put in dental implants is mildly invasive, as it requires a metal post to be surgically implanted into the jawbone. The metal post will protrude outside the gum and a dental crown will be screwed on top of the post, which will act at the replacement for the missing tooth.


Dental implants are a much-preferred way to replace missing teeth because they keep the gums and underlying bone healthy after they are placed. They provide the necessary pressure the jaw bone needs to prevent any bone loss caused by missing teeth. If a person takes care of their dental implants, they will not require any replacement or further maintenance.


Medicare and dental implants

In general, Medicare does not usually offer dental coverage. There are instances when it does offer dental insurance, but these do not cover dental implants. The dental coverage offered by Medicare is limited to routine dental services, and dental implants are not included in this list.


What can you do?

There is always the option of getting coverage from a different insurance provider. It is a good idea to discuss your needs with the insurance company before you buy extra insurance outside of Medicare. There are instances where the insurance coverage can cover a portion of the costs for a dental implant procedure. Insurance will rarely cover 100% of the costs because dental implants are considered cosmetic.


If you are not ready to shell out money for the replacement of your missing teeth, there is another option you can ask your dentist about. Dental bridges may also be used to fill the spaces in your mouth caused by missing teeth. However, under Medicare, it is not a guarantee that the dental bridge will be covered.


How does Medicare work?medicare and dental implants

There are some instances when you can get dental coverage for routine dental services covered by Medicare. However, they still look into the medical need of the procedure before it may be covered by the insurance. If the patient has suffered severe trauma from an accident and some of the patient’s teeth have been knocked out and the patient will be needing a full-mouth reconstruction procedure, dental implants or bridges may be included in the dentist’s recommendation for the reconstruction procedure for the patient. It is in these instances when Medicare may cover dental implants. If the patient is disabled, and can present proof that their disability merits the medical need of a dental implant, Medicare may cover the costs.


The best thing to do first is to consult with your dentist. Ask them if they think that dental implants are right for you, and then after that, consult with your insurance representative, they will be able to advise you on if dental implants will be covered by your insurance or not. Visit if you have more questions about Medicare.

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