Surgery to Open Nasal Passages

surgery to open nasal passages

Surgery to open nasal passages is very common to many patients due to a variety of nasal problems such as breathing problems, shape improvement of the nose, nasal splint, cosmetic purposes, injury deformity correction, supporting an aging nose among others. Due to the chronic stuffy nose, surgery to open nasal passages is done to ease nasal obstruction which may also as a result of structural problems. This nasal obstruction can be caused by swelling of the nasal surface caused by sinus inflammation, allergies among other nasal diseases. Go to Dr. Alan Evans’ clinic today if you need cosmetic surgery.

Often surgery to open nasal passages is also done to treat blocked nasal walls that separate the nose two sides also known as a deviated surgery to open nasal passages septum. A deviated septum can be bent or curved and is usually caused by abnormal inside abnormal growth or due to past injuries around the face. Such abnormal growth or injuries can completely or partially close both sides of the nasal septum or one side. Though many people have a relatively small percentage of nasal septum deviation if it causes significant breathing problems then surgery to open nasal passages to rectify the abnormality is done. Septoplasty is the surgery where the nasal passage is open to rectify the mentioned problems above and the same time structural or cosmetic improvement done at the same time.

Turbinates are structures inside the nasal passage and they can enlargement naturally due to normal body growth and development. When the enlargement is large significantly, it is likely to cause nasal obstruction thus compelling a need for surgery to open nasal passages so as to partially remove some of them or reducing them. Very narrow nostrils are also likely to cause airflow blockage thus causing breathing problems. When these nasal cartilages collapse during breathing in, the air flow to the outside is blocked thus causing the patient to encounter breathing problem. This is also a condition that necessities the need for surgery to open nasal passages to widen the nasal cartilages to avoid breathing problems when one is sleeping.

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