Causes of learning disabilities

What causes learning disabilities

Learning disability is a problem that has affected so many people in our society today. The problem is that most parents never seem to understand the effects of this problem on their children and they end up blaming them for failing in their class work. But what we need to know is that this condition can be managed if appropriate action is taken at the initial stage. However, before you think of how you can manage a learning disability, here’s more information about this so you can understand it better.

What Causes Learning Disabilities

Causes Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is a neurological disorder of psychological or language processing resulting from abnormalities in the cerebral cortex of the cerebrum. Our cerebral cortex houses many different cognitive functions, such as attention, encoding of new information, retention of newly learned material, word knowledge, reasoning, processing speed, reading, math computation skills, writing, comprehension of verbal instructions, and many others.