How to Recognize and Manage Expressive Language Disorder in Adults

expressive language disorder in adults

Expressive language disorder is a condition that affects the ability to express oneself clearly. It can make it difficult to communicate with others, both verbally and non-verbally. Many adults with this disorder go undiagnosed, as they often learn to compensate for their difficulties. However, there are ways to recognize and manage expressive language disorder in …

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Why Do I Have a Lisp? Techniques and Treatments To Address Lisping

Speech Therapy

You may probably have lisps if you have difficulty speaking, especially the word with s and z sounds. It is possible that from time to time, you may ask yourself like ‘why do I have a lisp?’. As a matter of fact, there are a few reasons why you may have ended up with a Lisp. One reason may be due to your personal language history. Or then again, it may happen because of a sudden accident. In any case, this article will discuss the different types of lisps, the treatment, some techniques to correct lisping, how a speech therapist can help this speech disorder, and more.