Damon Braces (Costs and Other Important Information)

damon braces costs

What are damon braces? Costs and other details about these special types of braces will be discussed in this article. How can these braces help patients attain a better smile?

What are Damon braces?

Damon braces are a special type of orthodontic appliance that are used to correct different types of tooth malocclusion. These braces are put on teeth just like their traditional counterpart. They are also used to correct crooked teeth and help people have more confidence in their smiles. However, what sets Damon braces apart from other types of braces?

What makes Damon braces unique?

Damon braces use self-ligating brackets to correct tooth alignment issues. This means that the brackets will not need to be tightened by a dentist. The people who are behind the invention of Damon braces claim that fewer dental visits will be made because the Damon braces will tighten and adjust teeth on their own, with minimal intervention needed from a dentist or orthodontist.

Another advantage to having these self-ligating braces is that the time a person wears the braces may be shortened. The self-ligating braces will adjust the teeth and move them into their designated positions faster in comparison to traditional braces.

How much do Damon braces cost?

Since there are supposedly more advantages to having Damon braces, it goes without saying that these braces may be more expensive rather than traditional braces. If the price for traditional braces ranges from$3000 to $7000, depending on the amount of correction that is needed, the cost for Damon braces can range from $3800 to $8000.

Can Damon braces costs be covered by dental insurance?

damon braces costsThere are many dental insurance companies that can cover the costs for traditional braces and Damon braces. The reasons behind this is because although braces improve the look of teeth and enhance the beauty of the smile of a person, they are also used to improve the function of teeth.

Many people have digestive issues and have a difficulty chewing because of tooth malocclusion or crooked teeth. Braces are used to help these people overcome these problems and ensure that their overall health is not affected because of oral issues.

Are you thinking about getting Damon braces?

If you have crooked teeth, have problems chewing because of the way your teeth are positioned, or just want to improve the overall beauty of your smile, talk to your dentist. Ask them what kind of options you have for improving tooth alignment or malocclusion.

Your dentist will present you with all the best options available to you to straighten your teeth. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have about each of the options, and help you find the best one that will answer to all the oral issues you have. It may take time, but getting braces will help you get rid of any health problems you have relating to tooth alignment and it will give you a more confident smile in the process.

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