Dental Care For Children With Learning Disabilities

Dental Care For Children With Learning Disabilities

Dental problems affect all children even those with learning disabilities. Common dental problems like gum bleeding, gum infections, chewing
problems, and tooth decay create a bigger challenge to children with disability. Most of these problems start as early as the tooth start to grow in tender age. Oral health is therefore very important to all children, and they should be taken care in early age. It is, however, a little bit challenging
when it comes to taking care of children with a learning disability. This is because sometimes it is difficult to communicate with them effectively. Dentistry for kids that has learning disabilities may be challenging, but they deserve all the care just like other children.

Dental Care For Children

Children with a learning disability may not appreciate the need for proper dental care however it is vital to pass all the necessary care to them. A bigger challenge may be to take these children to see a dentist for them to get the crucial care. One way to overcome such challenges is to ensure that these children get the necessary education on dental health. Unlike the normal children who are easier to teach children with a disability may need different skills and teaching aids. The use of pictures and simple language may be of help in teaching these children. It is also important for a person to understand them and the form of their communication.


Another challenge to children with disability is the difficulty in communicating when they are in pain. Unlike other children who can express their feelings and what is bothering them, these children face this bigger communication troubles. The best way to understand such an issue is by taking time and study how they behave in different situations. This enables the person taking care of them to know how they behave when in pain and therefore it easier for their caretaker to know when in such difficulties. The routine of checking these children should be encouraged at the ideal time when these children comfortable. Most of the children tire quickly and sometimes evening time is not very good to them.


Children with a learning disability are in most cases not well taken care of like other children when it comes to dental health. It is vital to note that these children dental problems may affect their entire well being making them weak and more vulnerable to other infections. Parents and people taking care of these children should ensure these children visit the dentist regularly. These children also need a nutritious diet that helps in proper growth and strong, healthy teeth.

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