Crooked Teeth And Malocclusion: Do I Have An Overbite?

do i have an overbite

Do I have an overbite or some other type of tooth malocclusion? Many patients are confused about the kind of tooth malocclusion they have. This article will talk about crooked teeth and how orthodontics can help. If the article sparks interest, you can click this link for details about malocclusion, read more here.

What is tooth malocclusion?

A malocclusion in teeth refers to the misalignment of the teeth. Tooth malocclusion can go by many names such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth and misaligned teeth. The causes of this oral problem may include having too many teeth on the jawbone and can be a result of thumb sucking and bottle feeding during infancy. Teeth malocclusion can cause many health issues if left untreated.

Digestion problems can be caused by malocclusion of teeth because some people may experience difficulty in chewing because of their bite problem.

What kind of tooth malocclusion do you have if you have a lisp?

If a person has a lisp in their speech, it may be a direct effect of the tooth malocclusion. Although speech defects like these happen very rarely, the most likely cause is a bite problem. Tooth overcrowding or misalignment rarely cause speech and pronunciation defects like i have an overbite

A lisp is caused because the tongue is unable to rest on the proper spot on the teeth and mouth to produce the right sounds. If a bite problem is present, it is more difficult for a person to be able to position their tongue, and this is how lisps are formed in speech. People who have speech defects because of tooth malocclusion may develop low self-esteem issues and may become quiet because of the lisp.

This is why getting treatment for the bite problem is essential. A dentist or orthodontist will be able to detect what type of bite problem a person has. This will usually require the use of x-rays and other tests, to get to the bottom of the problem.

Getting orthodontic treatment

There are many treatments and ways to correct bite problems and crooked teeth. Some of the solutions include tooth extraction and the use of various types of orthodontic appliances like braces.

If you have a lisp and are feeling self-conscious about it, orthodontic treatment will help get rid of it. Bite problems are the usual cause of lisps and other types of speech defects. Getting rid of the bite problem will also be able to get rid of the lisp in speech. No need to ask yourself “Do I have an overbite?”, the orthodontist will be able to identify what type of bite problem you have, and they will also be able to suggest a possible solution for it.

Keep in mind that speech defects are only one type of problem that can be caused by tooth malocclusion and bite problems. More severe health problems can form if the bite problem goes untreated for a long time. Getting treatment for your crooked teeth will get rid of the lisp in your speech and prevent any long term health issues from forming.


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