How can we fix crooked teeth?

fix crooked teeth

Fixing crooked and misaligned teeth may not be a priority for a lot of people. As long as they do not pose any discomfort and still perform their duties in digesting food, it doesn’t matter to them whether they have overcrowded teeth or bite problems. They would rather spend the amount of money it would have caused for them to correct their teeth alignment to something more important, like food, clothes, education, or shelter. But for those who are particular with how they look and how their teeth affect their overall facial profile and smile, fixing it is essential to improve their beauty. It is also a must if they already experience the negative effects of having teeth misalignment. So, how can we effectively fix crooked teeth and what dental tools does a dentist need to correct them?


Benefits of straightening crooked teeth

If you are getting orthodontic procedures to straighten your teeth, the components of either braces or dental aligners all work together to gradually move and position your teeth to their correct places. Whether you are using a wire-and-bracket approach that uses elastic bands, spacers, archwires, springs, and even headgear to improve your teeth alignment, or undergoing a high-tech 3D scanning of your dental cavity to create an innovative treatment plan that involves chronologically-designed clear dental aligners to correct your bite and straighten your teeth, it all boils to the question: Why do we need to fix crooked teeth?

It looks better. This is by far the most popular reason why people undergo orthodontic procedures to straighten teeth. Wouldn’t it look better to smile with straight white teeth than with overcrowded ones? Your smile frames the beauty of your pearly whites, so it is obviously nice that your teeth match the radiance of your grin.

It makes the teeth healthier. If you have straightened teeth, cleaning them will be hassle-free. There will be lesser hard-to-reach edges where plaque and cavities can build up and cause tooth decay and infection. It can also reduce your chances of developing gum disease and bad breath.

It fixes your bite. If you have misaligned teeth, your jaw may be the reason why they are crooked. So if you are going to address it, the procedure will also target the problems with your bite so you wouldn’t have to worry about experiencing jaw pain, lockjaw, or any jaw-related discomfort.

It helps address some medical problems. Orthodontists claim that some doctors refer their patients for teeth straightening procedures to correct breathing disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. It can also help you prevent some problems like tension headaches and migraines.

How to fix crooked teeth

dental tools for crooked teeth

There are different ways to correct your teeth alignment. If your appearance is the only concern you have, your dentist can recommend getting veneers or crowns. However, these will not address the root cause of your misalignment. Traditional braces and dental aligners may be the best procedures that your orthodontist may suggest so you can functionally and aesthetically achieve straightened teeth. The choice as to what procedure you would need would depend on the severity of your malocclusion or bite problem, the cost, the expertise of your chosen orthodontist or dentist, and the capacity of their dental office or practice.

It would have been nice if everyone is blessed to have white, straight teeth, but in reality, almost all of us have flaws in our dental cavity. To make sure that you are getting the best and most appropriate dental procedure and treatment, it is best to consult your trusted dentist and not rely on online recommendations and fake dental practitioners just to save money. The quality of the procedure and your safety should always be your top priorities.

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