Septoplasty recovery time

septoplasty recovery time

Septum is the one which divides our nasal cavity into two. It is made up of bone and cartilage, and it is often straight and well aligned. But some of us will have our nasal septum deviated for two reasons, it may be a birth defect in some people and it is a result of some injury to nose in others. People with deviated nasal septum will have one side of their nose very smaller than the other side and it creates many problems like nasal congestion, breathing difficulty, nose bleeds, facial pain, headaches and sometimes post nasal drip. In such a case, septoplasty is the only solution.

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to align the septum which is deviated, into normal position. It is an outpatient procedure done under the influence of either local or general anesthesia and it can be performed in one to two hours of time. Septum is corrected after lifting up the mucus membrane and any bone or cartilage which is obstructing the free flow of air is removed. Mucus membrane, which protects the septum is then put in to place and nose is packed with cotton to hold the adjustment. In rare cases, stitches are used to hold the membrane and septum in place. septoplasty recovery time

Many precautions are to be taken during septoplasty recovery time. After the surgery, the doctor suggests the pain relief medication and you will be sent home once you come out of the influence of anesthesia. To avoid the risk of bleeding, drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin which thin the blood are not suggested.

Cotton packing will be removed after two to three days of surgery. It will take one to two weeks for your swelling and pain to subside and more than a month is necessary to experience the results of the surgery.

Some tips that help during septoplasty recovery time are

– Avoid intense physical activities

– To avoid swelling, elevate your head while sleeping

– No blowing of nose for some days

– Take care while dressing or cleaning your face

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