Common ADHD Symptoms In Teens

adhd symptoms in teens

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a kind of mental disorder. Although people of all ages may be hit by this condition, children, especially teens are more likely to get affected by ADHD. The condition affects teenagers and may continue to adulthood. As such, identifying the signs early and treating the problem is always advised to avoid worsening of the condition. Phone or email a physician once you notice some of the symptoms that are detailed below.

Here are some of the common ADHD symptoms in teens


Teens with ADHD easily get distracted. They don’t have good concentration skills. Such children are less attentive in schools as well as home.

Don’t listen

Listening habits are pertinent for any person, and good listening begins at a tender age. However, children suffering from ADHD don’t appear to be listening. This, in turn, affects their problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

Make mistakes

Teenagers hit by ADHD don’t bother about completing their work as they should be. They simply don’t pay attention and commit careless mistakes.

Forget things

A sound memory goes a long way in shaping a better human being. In many cases, it’s the memory power that distinguishes a person from others. However, teens diagnosed with ADHD forget things. They don’t remember about their daily activities. In the process, their memory weakens with time.

Stay unorganized

Children love to stay organized with their tasks. Whether it’s books or games, most children choose to keep their stuff in order after finishing their chores. However, teenagers with ADHD don’t like to organize their things. By not following the directions, they fail at finishing their tasks, and that’s reflected in their falling grades at schools.

Bottom line

Curing ADHD in teenagers in the early stage is paramount before the condition magnifies and brings in other health issues. You can avert the progress of the condition by identifying the condition in your teenager. Take a look at the above ADHD symptoms in teens and consult your doctor the moment you notice any of these signs in your child.

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