Learning Disability Characteristics

learning disability characteristics

The brain uses fundamental skills set known as cognitive skills in order to think or learn. When these skills are strong, learning is easier. However, when they are weak, they affect your speech,  the way you grasp, process, apply and remember the things you are trying to learn. Although sometimes, speech is affected by dentures so be sure your diagnosis is right.  When your cognitive skills set are weak, you are likely to end up having learning disabilities. You can realize some of these disabilities at an early age. So, what are some of learning disability characteristics you may find? Check them out.

Short attention span

Attention helps you to ignore distractions and be able to focus on the activity you are doing. Persons with a learning disability will be easily distracted, lose their focus within the shortest span and jump from one unfinished task to another.

Poor memory

Your memory may be weak. You find that you don’t grasp new thing easily and perhaps processing and remembering them is a nightmare.

Poor reading and writing abilitieslearning disability characteristics

When your kid is unable to read and write sentences correctly, that means he or she has a learning disability. It may include incorrect letter sequencing, unable to sound out words, or perhaps writing reversed letters.

Difficulty following instruction

When you are not able to follow instruction easily, asking for a re-read in the middle of a project or perhaps forgetting an instant conversation, that means you have a learning disability.

Poor visual processing

Signs are poor visual processing include struggling to understand what you’ve just seen or read, reading maps and directions and math problems.

Poor logic and reasoning

Logic and reasoning helps you to reason and solve problems. Signs of poor logic and reasoning include asking frequent questions such as what to do next, struggling with simple activities such as math and feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Those are just some of the few learning disability characteristics that are usually depicted by most individuals. If your kid seems to have such kind of a problem, it is recommendable you talk to special care services to guide you accordingly.

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