Can you get Disability for Breast Cancer?

can you get disability for breast cancer

Can you get Disability for Breast Cancer? Over the recent past, there have been increased cases of breast cancer diagnosis, causing an alarm to the health sector. Breast cancer, which is a form of cancer that develops in the breast cells, is the second most common type of cancer diagnosed in women in the world after skin cancer, for more details regarding this matter you can read articles and blogs related to this just click the link. If you or your close friend or relative is diagnosed with breast cancer, there are a variety of resources that can help you manage the situation.

Regardless of the stage, if the cancer involves complications or any other treatment side effects, to the point that you cannot work to earn a can you get disability for breast cancer living, then you can get disability approval for breast cancer. In this regard, you automatically become eligible to receive benefits through one or both of the Social Security Administration (SSA) programs.

However, when breast cancer is detected during its early stages, then it can be treatable. In this case, it is usually difficult to get disability approval. Nonetheless, you may still be considered disabled in some cases.

Whenever you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you need to apply for disability benefits. The SSA will receive your application and evaluate your condition based on the medical test results, symptoms, and their guides. The following are some of cancer listing the SSA asses before qualifying you for benefits:

  • Presence of advanced tumor with direct extension to the chest or skin.
  • Recurrent carcinoma after initial therapy.
  • Presence of small cell carcinoma.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer.

When you are diagnosed with a more aggressive form of cancer, your claim for the benefits can be approved as fast as possible within a week.

Conclusively, breast cancer can sometimes come with a lot of pain or any other complication. When such happens, you may no longer work normally. Therefore, you can be considered disabled and receive benefits associated with the same.

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