Is ADD A Learning Disability? Symptoms To Watch Out For

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ADD, or attention deficit disorder is the medical term for patients with symptoms like being distracted, need for attention, and weak memory associated with a neurological condition. Is ADD a learning disability? The answer is no, ADD is not a specific learning disability. Learning disability is a totally different thing from ADD. If you need help to understand more, find a professional online.

Providing Dental Care For Disabled Veterans

Providing Dental Care For Disabled Veterans

n the same way, they are prone to serious mouth concerns like tooth decay and gingivitis. Dental care does not stop once you’ve reached the adult stage. You may visit this page to know more about different dental health care procedures and services for adults. People who are living with a disabled veteran knows the struggle of financing their loved one. Knowing that there are ways to avail the care will help them ease the task.

An Overview of Various Dyspraxia Treatment

Dyspraxia Treatment

Dyspraxia is the neurological disorder which impacts the ability of a person to plan and also process the motor tasks. The brain doesn’t process the information in the way which allows for the full transmission of the neural messages. A person with dyspraxia normally have language problems, and sometimes high difficulty with perception and thought. Dyspraxia, however, doesn’t affect the intelligence of a person, although it may cause the learning problems in many children.