Understanding the Body Conscious meaning

body conscious meaning

Body conscious meaning can simply be defined as shifting your work goals from weight loss to aim at fitness. It is coming to terms with the reality that there is no one body standard. With that in mind, people will exercise, hit the gym and eat well for the purpose of good health outcomes. But nowadays people prefer to have a surgery than do exercise, if you want to learn more about surgical procedure that removes loose and excess abdominal skin and some fat tissue and tightens the abdominal muscles to flatten out the tummy book online and contact Tummy Tuck Melbourne to know more!

Autism vs Down Syndrome: How can we differentiate

autism vs down syndrome

Autism and downs syndrome are both developmental conditions that occur in both children and adults. They may present in one individual although the causes, symptoms and treatments for both are entirely different. Autism This is a condition that affects the behaviour of a child characterized by impaired communication, poor social interactions, impaired body movement and …

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Signs Of Dyslexia In 5 Year Old

signs of dyslexia in 5 year old

If you’re concerned your 5 year old child may have dyslexia, this article can answer many of your basic questions. It can also lead you to more in-depth information about this common learning disability. Here are some signs of dyslexia in 5 year old kids that you need to watch out for. Directional confusion Directional …

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Effects of dysgraphia in adults

dysgraphia in adults

Adult learning is expected to be a smooth process however that is not always the case. Dysgraphia in adults has been reported to affect their learning process especially when it comes to writing. This makes it difficult for them to coordinate and express themselves through writing effectively as expected. It’s actually a little difficult to …

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Impact of Speech Sound Disorder

speech sound disorder

When children are learning to talk, they may say some of the sounds in the wrong way which can be corrected and perfected over time. The cases in adults can be different when they experience the disorder as the condition can be permanent hence very difficult to correct. Some of the problems with sounds can be carried from childhood to adulthood which others may be experienced due to accidents that happen in adulthood or even a missing front teeth may affect speech

Dyscalculia symptoms

dyscalculia symptoms

Dyscalculia or numlexia is a disability that prevents a child from learning or understanding arithmetic. About 3 – 6% of the population is estimated to suffer from the disability or to manifest dyscalculia symptoms. Dyscalculia symptoms may fall into the general category of difficulty dealing with numbers or numerical concepts. Click here to know some …

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Common ADHD Symptoms In Teens

adhd symptoms in teens

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a kind of mental disorder. Although people of all ages may be hit by this condition, children, especially teens are more likely to get affected by ADHD. The condition affects teenagers and may continue to adulthood. As such, identifying the signs early and treating the problem is always advised to avoid worsening of the condition. Phone or email a physician once you notice some of the symptoms that are detailed below.

Learning Disability Characteristics

learning disability characteristics

The brain uses fundamental skills set known as cognitive skills in order to think or learn. When these skills are strong, learning is easier. However, when they are weak, they affect your speech, the way you grasp, process, apply and remember the things you are trying to learn. Although sometimes, speech is affected by dentures so be sure your diagnosis is right. When your cognitive skills set are weak, you are likely to end up having learning disabilities. You can realize some of these disabilities at an early age. So, what are some of learning disability characteristics you may find? Check them out.

Causes of learning disabilities

What causes learning disabilities

Learning disability is a problem that has affected so many people in our society today. The problem is that most parents never seem to understand the effects of this problem on their children and they end up blaming them for failing in their class work. But what we need to know is that this condition can be managed if appropriate action is taken at the initial stage. However, before you think of how you can manage a learning disability, here’s more information about this so you can understand it better.