Signs Of Dyslexia In 5 Year Old

signs of dyslexia in 5 year old

If you’re concerned your 5 year old child may have dyslexia, this article can answer many of your basic questions. It can also lead you to more in-depth information about this common learning disability. Here are some signs of dyslexia in 5 year old kids that you need to watch out for.

Directional confusion

Directional confusion can take various manners such as uncertainty of which is the left or the right. This is well outlined in case the child cant distinguishes their right or left hands at the age of five. Simple concepts such as moving up or down body organs such as hands, saving space during the game are also major signs of dyslexia in 5-year-old kids.

Up to eight in ten children with dyslexia have directional disorientation. This percentage is lower for kids with mild signs of dyslexia. For instance, a kid with severe dyslexia can read or write 90 instead of 09.

Difficulties with small markings

Parents of children struggling with dyslexia especially for above 5 years old they may confuse the child’s illness with being lazy or careless. For instance, they may pronounce large words correctly, but they make stupid mistakes on the small words. Of course, a bad reader gets stuck in difficult words, but many of them get worse, making mistakes with the simple words they have to manage. It is important to note that this is very familiar with children suffering from dyslexia and not necessary that the child is particularly careless or lazy. signs of dyslexia in 5 year old

Late talking

Studies have shown an exciting link between abnormal speech development and learning disorders such as dyslexia. Children with dyslexia have signs of delayed speech development and a higher frequency of speech disorders among people with dyslexia than in normal children. In most cases, a child must understand simple words and orders from nine months of age. He must speak his first words throughout the year.

Note that by the age of three years, a child should have the ability to use simple two-letter phrases like mum-dad and by the age of four, they should have a vocabulary to speak a complete sentence without missing words. At the age of five, they must be able to speak completely, though they can still make grammatical mistakes. Delay in speaking beyond this age can be signs of dyslexia in 5 year old kids.

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