Causes of learning disabilities

What causes learning disabilities

Learning disability is a problem that has affected so many people in our society today. The problem is that most parents never seem to understand the effects of this problem on their children and they end up blaming them for failing in their class work. But what we need to know is that this condition can be managed if appropriate action is taken at the initial stage. However, before you think of how you can manage a learning disability, here’s more information about this so you can understand it better.

Heredity Factors

It is not common to see a child suffering from learning disability if one of their relatives did not experience this problem. It simply means that the conditions can be passed from the parent to a child through DNA. This so far has been verified as the common cause of learning disability among many children.

Difficulties during pregnancy period and delivery

A child may be born with this problem simply because of the problem that occurred during the pregnancy or birth. Such a problem may include the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs during pregnancy, low birth weight, insufficient supply of oxygen, prolonged or premature labor. It may be difficult to detect this until the child become of age.

Instances after birthWhat causes learning disabilities

Typically, a child may be born healthy but as he or she grows, there are things that can alter the normal brain function. If a child gets some head injuries, then the problem of the learning disability may arise. If a child gets exposed to some toxic substances (such as lead metal) then these substances can lead to learning disability

Problems in the development of the fetal brain

If the fetal brain does not fully develop, then there are high chances that the learning process cannot be complete. As a matter of fact, learning includes gathering information from our surrounding and processing them in our brain so that we can fully understand the facts and memorize them. So if the sense organs cannot fully cooperate, then the learning process will be incomplete thus leading to learning disability

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