Crooked baby teeth : All the things you need to know

crooked baby teeth

It is good to note that if you had crooked baby teeth when you are a kid, there is a huge chance that your own children will have crooked baby teeth too. This genetic trait is passed to the next generation very easily. Though this is the major cause of the crooked teeth in your kids there are other causes and again they can also cause the disturbing to your kids especially when they smile.


Causes of crooked baby teeth during childhood


The main causes of the crooked teeth in your baby is mostly associated with two major factors.
-The major cause of crooked teeth in a baby is genetic heredity from the parents. sadly, if the family has a history of having crooked teeth then it is more likely that the offsprings from the family will also have crooked teeth mostly caused by overcrowding of teeth a
-The other cause of crooked teeth though not minor is how the baby chews food, finger sucking, chewing habits. Note to rectify this, straightening methods such as orthodontic devices or fasteners.

Note that if the crooked teeth are caused by genes inheritance from the parents little can be done to control and prevent teeth from being crooked. It may require genetics experts. If the disorder is arising from the chewing habits such as thumb chewing then this can be easily rectified at the early stages of the baby growth. The best solution is to visit a dentist and use the advice they give you.

The dentist may recommend treatment to be done while the baby is still young to prevent the permanent teeth growing before the crooked teeth have been removed. This prevents straightening of the crooked teeth when they are grown up children.


Types of crooked teeth

-Overlapping or tangled teeth in the upper jaw thus hug out very much forming an overbite.
-Underbite, in this case, the front lower teeth are closed behind the upper teeth thus making then stay outside the mouth.
-The dental line not matching, hence some teeth are longer than others.


crooked teethEffects of not repairing the crooked baby teeth disorders

– They can’t chew properly
– They suffer from speech disorders
– They have Increased cavity problems
– Pain in the teeth muscle and the jaw


What to do with crooked baby teeth disorders

If your baby has heavily crooked teeth, it is recommended that you consult an orthodontist within 9 years for assessment. Note that most children do not recover completely when they are more than 11 years since most of the permanent teeth have grown.

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