Providing Dental Care For Disabled Veterans

Providing Dental Care For Disabled Veterans

Taking care of our elderly disabled veterans is what we can give back after all the service that they have done for the country. Being battle-worn and disabled after experiencing war is not uplifting for them. In the same way, they are prone to serious mouth concerns like tooth decay and gingivitis. Dental care does not stop once you’ve reached the adult stage. You may visit this page to know more about different dental health care procedures and services for adults. People who are living with a disabled veteran knows the struggle of financing their loved one. Knowing that there are ways to avail the care will help them ease the task.

Qualifications For Free Dental Care

A lot of disabled veterans are struggling to meet their daily health needs. The good news is that most government departments or non-profit dental clinics or organizations take the initiative to help relieve their dental care concerns. Dental care for disabled veterans is easy to get once they received their Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) card. These cards may vary according to what the family member has subscribed to the veteran for.

White card holders

Disabled veterans that had acquired conditions or injuries from war or any related events. These are usually unidentifiable mental or physical health conditions that may happen within or after 15 years of service (other than peacetime service).

Gold card holders

Veterans with gold cards are entitled to receiving funds from DVA for all necessary clinical needs, health care problems or concerns, as well as any health condition, whether the disease is related to war or not. The card holder is either the veteran or the widow(widower) of the veteran. In addition, this card is applicable to one person only.

These card holders are not limited in dental care but are also eligible for other medical services as long as their card is in line with the service.

Are There Additional Payments?

Available Dental Care For Disabled Veterans

Certain limitations are set in dental care for disabled veterans which might be a reason to pay for additional costs. There is an Annual Monetary Limit (AML) applied to expensive dental procedures like bridges and crowns. However, the limit does not apply to other conditions such as being an ex-prisoner of war or undergoing a treatment for malignant cancer that affects your jaw or teeth. In addition, some family members, friends, or other caretakers of the disabled veterans are not eligible to be paid by the card or service. The payment for dental care only applies to those whose names and records are subscribed to the service.

Future of Dental Care For Disabled Veterans

Globally, there are free dental care movements from different organizations taking care of oral health care and system problem. Non-profit dentists and dental clinics in the USA are giving back to disabled veterans through community support and donations. These groups hope for total awareness of the lack of oral hygiene care and education in many adults and elderly people. A huge impact is seen through the initiative of helping these veterans. Most veterans who have received the special dental care are thankful for the free service. Reasons such as family neglect, loss of family, or other personal reasons are accepted by most of these groups. With this initiative, there is still hope and future in store for dental care for disabled veterans.

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