Do dental braces cause lisp?

braces lisp

Orthodontic braces offer a teeth-straightening solution for patients with overcrowded teeth. But like other dental procedures, there are some unwanted effects that patients complain about. These may include discomfort, temporary pain, loss of appetite, and slurred speech or lisp. Can braces cause lisp? More at Here, let us find out how patient braces lisp and how this procedure will correct one’s speech.

Braces and lisp: The connection

Orthodontic braces are dental appliances made with metal or ceramic brackets and wires that gradually corrects the position and alignment of the teeth. There are different kinds of braces nowadays depending on the patient’s severity of malocclusion, but the most popular are the highly dependable metal braces.

Metal braces are the cheapest and most dependable option, however, they are also the orthodontic choice that gathered the most number of complaints. Some say that they are not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they are too difficult to maintain, and they also pose discomfort around the oral cavity brought about by the metal brackets and wires that cause nicks and cuts inside the mouth. Not only that, but some also complain the dental braces cause a lisp. Because the parts of braces are a bit bulky, patients find it hard to enunciate words and may start to develop slurred speech and lisping.

Braces lisp: What to expect during and after the procedure

braces lispWhile wearing your orthodontic braces, it is already a given that there will be some discomfort when eating, sleeping, and speaking. The components of the braces are attached to the surface of your teeth, so biting, chewing, and talking with them on will definitely need some time getting used to. Within a few months, you can expect that your lips and tongue will adjust and adapt to their new environment, so the discomfort will gradually fade without you even noticing it.

Once your treatment is finished and your teeth are successfully straightened, your dentist may require you to wear retainers so as to maintain the alignment of your teeth until your jawbones adjust as well. Removing the bulky dental components of your orthodontic solution will free your mouth from any limitation and will make it easier for you to correct your ‘braces lisp’ or problem in speech.

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