Overcoming Dyslexia

overcoming dyslexia

Those with dyslexia have to decode every word. They can read only at a hard pace. Most people think dyslexia as seeing letters backward. By that understanding, people with dyslexia see ’d’ when it’s actually ‘b’. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is they see letters just like everybody else. Their problem is not with seeing those letters, but manipulating them. Hence, overcoming dyslexia needs to take a different route. The phonological processing problems make it impossible to read words without breaking them down. Therefore, it’s hard for people with dyslexia to keep up with their peers. Above all, gaining sufficient comprehension seems unachievable. If you want to learn more about dyslexia and other learning disability, visit this site.

Here are a few quick tips for overcoming dyslexia:

  • overcoming dyslexiaReach out:

Don’t hesitate to talk to your teachers about your condition. Show your willingness to learn and ask for more time.

  • Employ color coding:

Colors help even basic understanding. Use colored overlays to make reading easier and more fun.

  • Break down words:

Break down the words which you often can’t recognize. By doing that, you can recognize their meaning.

  • Always over-learn:

Repeat tasks as many times as you need to understand them completely. Go over the same resources again, again and again.

  • Involve all your senses:

Trace the letters every time you learn the words. Associate the latter with smell, touch or taste. Clap or tap when you use a new syllable.

  • Use technology:

Use pen recorders or phones to record the lessons. Listen to them later when you need to make notes. Make extensive use of dictionary apps and word predictors.

  • Organize everything:

Record your voice when you read new words and listen to them afterwards. Use planning apps and calendars to organize your schedule.

  • One step at a time:

Improve your pace slowly but surely. Set easy to achieve tasks and challenge yourself steadily.

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