Impact of Speech Sound Disorder

speech sound disorder

For proper pronunciation and speech delivery, the concept goes beyond the mouth movement and involves various coordination within the body. Speech sound disorder isn’t limited to children when they learn to pronouns some of the letters but can also be experienced in adults. When children are learning to talk, they may say some of the sounds in the wrong way which can be corrected and perfected over time. The cases in adults can be different when they experience the disorder as the condition can be permanent hence very difficult to correct. Some of the problems with sounds can be carried from childhood to adulthood which others may be experienced due to accidents that happen in adulthood or even a missing front teeth may affect speech.

How to identify disorder in speech sounds

The disorder is majorly experienced when the affected people either interchange sounds, omit them or add them during their speeches. Such disorder can be treated as normal when children are young but it becomes a problem when the children are growing up with the same problem. Some of the disorders can be experienced as a result of dialect or accent where your speech sounds differ from those of your children. The tongue plays a very crucial role when it comes to sound coordination and speech hence the speech development must be monitored from childhood and early correction measures implemented.

Cases of speech sound disorderspeech sound disorder

When the condition is experienced in children, it can be as a result of troubled communication between the speech muscles and the brain. It’s the role of the brain to tell the speech muscles how to move hence the failure will automatically affect the sounds produced. The condition can be experienced due to genetic syndromes and other developmental disorders in the body. Adults who suffer accidents or stroke are likely to suffer disorders on their speech sounds. Other chronic diseases that affect the normal functioning of the brain can also suffer from the disorder that affects speech sounds.

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