Scar Removal Surgery: Cost, Safety, Effectiveness, And Procedures

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Having a huge and visible scar in any part of your body can somehow affect your confidence. Most especially if the scar is located in areas where it’s very much noticeable and hard to conceal. Fortunately, one of the new treatments being offered by plastic surgery clinics includes scar revision. The scar removal surgery cost varies from the services that the client will avail. Read more about payments for associated services like doctors, facilities, anesthetics, medication, medical tests, and garments fees.


Everything to Know About Scar Removal Surgery

Scar treatments have been gradually evolving through the past years. This is a kind of beautification process that falls under the category of plastic surgery. The main purpose of scar removal surgery is to reduce or minimize the visibility of scars no matter where its located in the body.

The cost may be quite expensive because of the extra fees associated with the procedure but it’s definitely worth the try. Before you decide to undergo scar removal surgery, you might want to consider these things first:

  1. face laser treatmentAll kinds of scar treatments do not completely erase or remove a scar. Laser treatment can only minimize and reduce the visibility of the scar.
  2. The results will depend on the skills of the plastic surgery practitioner. Always go for a surgeon with extensive knowledge and training of the procedure. Lack of expertise can have huge effects on the actual results of the treatment. In some cases, it can even be dangerous.
  3. A thorough medical assessment is needed before undergoing scar treatments. If the clinic is offering you a scar removal surgery without examining your scar, it’s time to find a new facility. Each individual possesses unique skin attributes, which is why it is essential for the surgeon to know your allergies, skin type, scar condition, and everything else.
  4. Stay away from the sun before and after the scar treatment. Your doctor might reschedule the procedure if you have sunburns as this might affect the recovery and healing process. Additionally, you must also protect yourself from the sun after the treatment because its harmful rays can cause a new scar on the treated site.
  5. Prepare yourself for minimal changes. To get optimal and satisfactory results, the doctor might ask you to make some adjustments to your lifestyle, this includes:
    5.1 No smoking for 2 weeks before the scar removal surgery
    5.2 Avoiding medication that can affect the healing
    5.3 Temporarily avoiding skincare products
    5.4 Clients that are prone to cold sores might be asked to take medication
  6. Best results are usually a combination of laser treatment and other procedures. Although this might cost you more, the outcome is definitely going to make it all worth it.
  7. One laser treatment might not be enough. The number of scar removal surgery that you will need will depend on the size, depth, and color of the scar. The larger and more visible it is, the more you’ll need to undergo the treatment.
  8. Homecare is a must! To make sure that the scar removal surgery will heal properly, it’s important that you follow the guidelines that your dermatologist will give you. This will help in achieving great results and protect you from possible side effects.
  9. The final results may take a few months to appear. Just be patient and give it some time.
  10. Plastic surgery procedures are usually not covered by insurance so you might want to allot a certain budget for the cost of the treatment.


Different Kinds Of Laser Treatments

After the physical examination, your doctor will determine the best and most effective scar removal treatment for you.

Below are the most common kinds of laser treatments nowadays:

  • Ablative procedure. The treatment will conclude by removing the damaged cells on the surface of the skin to reveal the healthier portion underneath. This helps in improving the appearance of the skin as it diminishes warts, wrinkles, and scars.
  • Fractionated treatment. This one uses a laser to penetrate the deep layer of the skin to remove cells that are darkened due to a lack of collagen production.
  • Nonablative scar removal. The main purpose of this specific procedure is to encourage collagen production and replacing damaged skin cells.


Is it Safe?

Sedation might be recommended for some patients, but on most occasions, surgeons use topical anesthetics only to numb the treatment site. Scar removal surgery is generally safe as long as it’s performed by a licensed and certified practitioner. Side effects might occur for the next few days following the laser treatment but don’t worry because these are temporary.

Side Effects

It’s normal to experience a few side effects after the surgery because of the light and heat that are used during the process. There is nothing to worry about because surgeons guarantee that these unpleasant side effects will go away in just a few days. You might experience scarring, swelling, pain, bleeding, and itching.

If the signs persist, call your doctor immediately. This might be a sign of skin infection due to poor execution of the treatment or home care procedures.


How Scar Removal Surgery Works

scar removal resultsThe treatment uses a focused light beam to treat the scarred skin in the body. Apart from its scar removing properties, laser treatment can also be used in stopping the growth of tumors, preventing hair loss, and relieving pain.

Your scar will be treated by wandering a laser on top of the scar for a period of time. The scars that this procedure can treat include the following:

  1. acne scars
  2. scars from injuries
  3. burns
  4. age-related skin issues like dark spots and hyperpigmentation


The Total Cost

There is no exact price as to how much the surgery will cost you since the total amount will vary depending on several factors like the following:

  • How many scars do you want to get treated?
  • The size of the scar, the bigger it is, the higher the cost.
  • The number of laser treatments you’ll need for each scar.

Moreover, you also need to consider other fees that are associated with the treatment such as follows:

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