How to Make Your Voice Less Nasal

You might have heard people sounding as if they are speaking through their nose that sounds like twangy voice, this is called Nasal voice. It arises due to various reasons ranging from a common cold to some structural defects in the mouth or nose. but how to make your voice less nasal? let’s find out.

Voice is actually created when air originating from lungs passes through vocal cords and throat into your mouth, here the resulting sound quality is known as Resonance. Based on Resonance, there are two types of Nasal voices.

Hyponasal voice: Insufficient air passes through the nose, while you speak. A low Resonance sound is produced in this case. Hyponasal voice sounds as if your nose is blocked, symptoms like cough or stuffy nose can be experienced.

It may occur due to temporary problems like cold, allergies, sinus infection or due to permanent structural problems like

– Nasal Polyps.

– Large tonsils or adenoids.

– A deviated septum.

Hypernasal voice: Extra air passes through the nose, while you speak. A high Resonance sound is produced in this case. You may feel it difficult to pronounce some consonants and sound combinations.

Velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD) is the main cause of hypernasal voice. VPD happens due to various reasons like

– A short palate. how to make your voice less nasal

– Adenoid surgery.

– Cleft palate.

– DiGeorge syndrome.

– Mislearning.

– Brain injury or neurological disease.

How to make your voice less nasal?
There are various ways to make your voice sound less nasal, they are

Temporary causes like cold, allergies or sinus infections can be cured by antibiotics, decongestants, antihistamines or steroid nasal sprays.

Surgery will be a good solution to different types of structural problems.

– Adenoids or tonsils removal. + Add New Category

– Septoplasty for deviated septum.

– Endoscopic surgery in case of nasal polyps.

– Cleft palate corrective surgery in babies.

– Sphincter pharyngoplasty or furlow palatoplasty to lengthen short soft palate.

Other solutions like speech therapy or speech exercise can also help you in making your voice sound less nasal. Anyhow, it is good to consult a Doctor before you take any decisions further.

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